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Call for Service C3B0

  • Code: C3B0
  • Description:Auto-toner sensor-Y abnormality (upper limit)
  • Causes:Auto toner sensor
    LGC board
    Developer material
    High-voltage transformer
  • Remedy:1 Developer unit
    • Check if the developer unit is installed properly.
    • Check that the developer unit and coupling on the equipment side are properly engaged.
    • Check that the mixer of the developer unit is rotated.
    • Check if the amount of the developer material is too large or too small.
    • Remove any toner or dust on the autotoner sensor connector and the drawer connector of the process cover.
    • Remove any toner or dust on the EPU sensor connector and the drawer connector on the equipment side.
    2 Auto toner sensor LGC board
    • Check the connectors and harnesses between the auto toner sensor and LGC board (CN347).
    • Check if there is any foreign matter such as toner in the connector of the auto toner sensor. Remove if there is and reconnect it.

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