Toshiba e-Studio 2020AC Color Photocopier Machine

Call For Service F101_1

  • Code: F101_1
  • Description: Root partition mount error (HDD formatting fails.): The HDD cannot be connected (mounted) caused by damage to the areas in which the program is mainly stored.
  • Causes: HDD SYS board
  • Remedy: HDD, SYS board, Setting 1. Turn the power of the equipment OFF and check the connection of the HDD. – Connector and harness check – Check if the connector pins of the HDD are bent. 2. If the error still occurs after step 1, perform the following. – Perform [3C] - [5] (Key Backup Restore) and check that each Key Status is “OK”. – If not, recover the key (copy “SRAM Key Status” to “FROM Key Status” or vice versa). 3. If the error still persists after step 2, perform the following. – Perform [3C] - [3] (Format HDD), and then install “System Software (HD data)” with [49] – [4]. Notes: If F101_1 occurs with ADI-HDD and the error persists after performing step 3, perform step 3 after performing [4]+[C]+[POWER] - 1. Revert the factory initial status HDD. 4. If the error persists even after step 3, replace the HDD.

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